Welcome to Mylowerbackpain.com!

This website and blog is dedicated to people with (you guessed it!) lower back pain (LBP). It is a work in progress, so stay tuned for plenty of exciting content still to come.

So I’ve got LBP, what now?
This is the first phase of Mylowerbackpain.com, designed to assist you during an episode of LBP. And while the focus of these pages is mainly on acute LBP, many of the principles apply equally to the chronic variety.

Below is a list of its pages with their estimated completion dates (DD/MM/YY).

1. What the heck is happening to me? (Case study) – Completed

2. What is LBP? – Completed

3. When will it stop? – Completed

4. Why did this happen to me? – Completed

5. What is causing my LBP? – Completed

6. What can I do for pain relief? – Completed

7. Do I need to see a health professional? – Completed

8. Do I need medical imaging? – Completed

9. What are my treatment options? – Completed

10. Can I still work or exercise? – Completed

11. Will my back ever be the same again? – Completed

12. What else should I know? (17/06/18)

Please note that I’m currently not prioritising blog posts (too much other stuff to focus on). This will likely change at some point…

Can you help?
Excited about this website getting up and running!? Me too! Here are some things you can do to help:

1. Share your LBP story. I would love to hear from you!

2. Give feedback. Tell me what you like/don’t like about the site. If you have any suggestions about site content then I’d love to hear from you!  This site really is for you so the more input you give me the better!

3. Tell a friend or family member about this website. Come to think about it, tell any random person! I’ve heard that people who refer people to websites are more attractive to others! 😉

So I’ve got LBP, what now?