WHAT is Mylowerbackpain.com?

Mylowerbackpain.com is a website AND a blog about lower back pain (LBP). It aims to provide high-quality, independent information on basically anything related to this condition. This includes simple, practical advice for how to treat or manage it. Basically, if you suffer from LBP, or have experienced it before, this site is for you! I hope that visiting this site will make your life at least a bit easier.

Currently, this website is in its infancy, however, I have big plans for it. Ultimately, I want Mylowerbackpain.com to be the #1 LBP website in the world. That may sound lofty, however, where’s the fun in dreaming small!?

WHO is driving this thing?


Hi! I’m Jai, the creator of Mylowerbackpain.com. I also practice as an osteopath in Queensland, Australia. When I’m not doing either of these things, I enjoy playing tennis, riding my bike, going to the movies, and spending time with friends and family.

Am I qualified to write about lower back pain?
Whenever I visit an advisory website I usually skip straight to the ‘About’ section to scrutinize the author’s credentials. If they don’t have the formal qualifications and/or relevant industry experience I’m looking for, I’ll promptly move on. So how do I stand up to this test? Read on to find out!

Professional experience
As at January 2017 I have over 8 years’ experience working in the healthcare industry (5 as a remedial massage therapist and 3+ as an osteopath). This does NOT include the two years I was treating patients in the university student clinic.

My osteopathic training consisted of 5 years at RMIT University in Melbourne (3-year bachelor’s and a 2-year master’s degree). A key objective of the master’s degree was learning how to conduct research, something that’s useful when I’m looking for quality information for this website. My time as a clinician also makes this task easier, by developing my clinical judgement and reasoning skills.

For the last 3+ years I have practiced as an osteopath in two large, multidisciplinary clinics in Australia. During this time, I have treated a range of musculoskeletal conditions including back and neck pain, repetitive strain injuries, headaches, sports injuries, joint/muscle pain and other conditions of this nature. Of all the conditions that I treat, LBP is the most common presentation.

Personal experience
Another reason I have such a keen interest in this topic is because I have my own ongoing lower back problems. It wasn’t until I experienced firsthand the mental anguish associated with persistent pain, that I began devoting more time and energy into researching LBP. This gave me a deeper appreciation of what my patients with this condition were going through. It’s the old ‘walk a mile in your patient’s shoes’, except that now they’re my shoes too! Since the onset of my LBP, I have spent thousands of dollars on different treatments and tried various types of exercises. These experiences have given me valuable insights into the treatment and management of this condition. That said, my sharing of these experiences is only a small part of what this website is about (this will be mainly in the blog component). I’m simply establishing that I have a genuine interest in LBP .

Hopefully this qualifies me in your eyes to comment on lower back pain. Apart from my formal qualifications, I believe my keen interest in this subject matter, combined with my growing clinical experience and eagerness to learn, give me enough credibility to earn your trust (at least enough to keep reading). Oh, and I’ve always had a genuine commitment and desire to help people. Just ask my family! 😊

WHY start Mylowerbackpain.com?
Many people regard ‘WHY?’ as the most important question as it reveals the purpose of something. With that in mind, here are the 4 reasons why I’m creating this website:

1. LBP, at its worst, can be very scary (picture being unable to move due to EXTREME pain). This is especially true if you haven’t experienced it before, or, if it threatens your livelihood . It can also be a constant ‘drag’, taking some of the shine out of your life. Now, as I see it there is an abundance of quality information on LBP either online or amongst the collective human experience, however, I also think it’s unlikely to be found by most sufferers (at least in one place). The primary purpose of this website is to make this quality LBP information readily available (accessible) to the people who need it most, in a form they can understand (simple, practical advice). This will provide people affected by LBP with:
1) Reassurance and hope.
2) Empowerment, allowing them to make better decisions in the treatment and/or management of their LBP, helping to improve the quality of their lives.

2. I want to be able to reach a wider audience. One of the limitations with clinical practice is that I can only assist one person at a time (NB: it’s also a joy since you can really connect with people!). However, a website allows me to assist vastly more people, making the biggest difference possible.

3. I want to learn more about LBP. This serves three purposes. 1) It will make me a better clinician (osteopath). 2) It will improve the management of my own LBP. 3) It will (in time) make me somewhat of an expert/specialist in this field. (I read somewhere that a specialist is just someone who spends enough time obsessing over a topic!)

4. To strive for excellence. While I may not be naturally good at writing, for some reason I enjoy it (creative outlet!?), and this website is one way I can actively practise and improve my skills whilst helping others. It’s also an important life lesson for me that just because you’re not great at something, doesn’t mean you can’t get better (as obvious as that sounds).

HOW does Mylowerbackpain.com work?
1. Presenting quality information and advice related to the treatment and management of LBP. This means drawing on evidence-based information from reliable sources such as academic journals, as well as from my own clinical experience.

2. Directing viewers to other great resources, whether it be websites, books or services (etc.). I have no desire to reinvent the wheel. If another person or organisation has better information on a topic, then let me direct you straight to them!

3. Bringing together those looking for quality LBP information, with those who have it. LBP (especially the ongoing or ‘chronic’ variety) is a very complex, multifactorial condition. Therefore, to maximise treatment outcomes, we need to address as many of these different aspects as possible, by adopting a holistic treatment approach. With this in mind, Mylowerbackpain.com will feature contributions from a range of different healthcare professionals (and other subject matter experts). These contributions will discuss a variety of different topics related to LBP and its treatment/management, including: exercise, nutrition, psychology, physical therapy, pharmacology and medical/surgical options. Besides articles, these contributions may take the form of videos, interactive webinars, or even online and face-to-face courses.

4. Allowing your voice to be heard using the discussion forum. Whether it’s sharing something useful you find, or asking the community a question, the discussion forum is the place to be! This feature is coming soon .

To present quality, independent information and advice related to the treatment and management of LBP, in a form that’s both easy to understand (simple), and to apply (practical).

Our vision is that all persons affected by LBP will have free access to quality, independent LBP information and advice, all in one convenient location. This will make us the # 1 website in the world for LBP, not just in terms of the quality of our content, but also regarding the volume of visitors to this site.

Our primary purpose is to improve the quality of the lives of people affected by LBP. This will be achieved by empowering these individuals through access to quality LBP advice, allowing them to make better choices and achieve optimal treatment outcomes.

Core Values
The core values of Mylowerbackpain.com are:
• Quality
• Integrity
• Effectiveness
• Commitment
• Fun

To learn more about what each of these core values means to Mylowerbackpain.com click HERE.

I am an osteopath (manual therapist) who is qualified and registered IN AUSTRALIA to treat musculoskeletal conditions like LBP. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any information or advice given on this website is of a general nature only, and is not intended to replace medical advice.

Forward apologies:
• To my North American friends (and others who are used to their version of English), you might have noticed already that I use British spelling in my writing (born and raised in Australasia). For the sake of clarity, I’ll try to avoid native colloquialisms, however the rest of the information on this site is as relevant/useful in Afghanistan, as it is in Zimbabwe (and all the countries in between!).
• Please excuse the (lack of) trimmings! I take this website seriously (that includes your security) so I’ve been building it not from scratch (thank goodness for WordPress!) but as close to that as I dare. The reason for this is that I want to understand web development from the ground up. Currently, Mylowerbackpain.com is a side project which is another way of saying my efforts in this area are fuelled by passion rather than money. Since I still have to make a living, it will take me longer to progress this website until I can afford to devote more time to it (hopefully in a few months).